Our Services

We offer various services, right from designing to the finished landscape with all the features such as, fountain, waterfall, water pond, pavement, swimming pool, etc., that a customer has in mind and exactly as shown in the design document.

Best laid plan is the key to success. Keeping this in mind we do not provide just a schematic with lines and numbers but produce state of the art design diagrams with 3D view, in all angles possible. What more! We can also provide a 3D walkthrough with our best in industry designing software.

Water bodies in any form add life to a garden, be it a waterfall or fountain or a water pond. We have pioneered this technology over the period with detailed studies and complete technical knowhow. Going a step forward we can also design portable waterfall, that when installed looks like completely natural waterfall. And also, we offer fountains with colorful lighting and musical fountains.

Thanks to the technology that allows to develop garden on the wall and we have acquired this technology with deep knowledge. A vertical garden, be it natural with live plants and grass or with artificial grass and plants, we can develop both the types and to customer’s satisfaction. See below for some of our vertical garden projects.

Developing a garden on top of a building is a challenging job. It takes a lot of calculations and considerations when designing and installing one. We are proud that we know how to develop one. We are not satisfied with developing just the lawn or a contemporary garden, but we believe in making the most of available rooftop/terrace space and develop a theme based gardens. Below are some pictures of our tropical theme based “soilless” rooftop garden with waterfall, fountain, pond, pergola and a bamboo hut.

One more of our expert services, Farmhouse landscaping. A farmhouse landscape is developed in multiple different ways and based on different themes. We can develop a farmhouse landscape/garden in various different styles/themes viz. Tropical style, woodland style, wild garden style, urban landscape style, Japanese, Chinese style gardens etc. If you have any specific idea in your mind, share with us and we will help you make it grand.

RootZone Treatment is the process of filtering out the waste water by passing it through root zone of certain plants that filters out the unwanted minerals from the water through their roots and make it reusable for the garden, construction, toilet flush etc. Such water can be in the form of waste water from households such as water wasted after bathing, washing, cleaning etc.Once developed, the Root Zone treatment patch looks like turns out be a beautiful garden and blends in surrounding landscaped garden.

A successful garden also needs an efficient irrigation system. We can also design the right system to ensure that your garden receives the right amount of water at the right time. We use the latest systems with electronic controls and timers so that your garden can establish itself quickly and remain healthy for a long time to come, while at the same time saving water and reducing your costs.

Automated, non-automated irrigation systems sprinkler and drip irrigation with pop-ups.

With proper light effects, a garden reveals different profile in the night time. Take a stroll or have a quality relaxing time. We understand this better and hence have added this profile to our portfolio.Some of our light and shadow effect creations.

We provide fully equipped Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi Construction Services packed with all the accessories and components. These are constructed using quality raw material and are designed accordingly to match and add to the beauty & decor of the surroundings.

If a client is looking for someone who can help with technical knowhow, we can help as consultant through our Consultancy servicespackage. This includes landscape design, guidance, execution with or without labor. Also, we can assist in purchasing the materials.

Maintenance is essential and critical for any live garden. And as landscaping and garden professionals, we understand this better. Keeping this in mind we have tailored our maintenance packages to suit any budget.

We provide a nursery support available with large no. of ornamental and fruit plant varieties suitable for landscape gardening and orchards. Supply is managed from our main unit located in Hubli. Second unit is under development in Belgaum.

Our project execution starts with proper ground preparation, lay-outing and soil conditioning to enhance soil fertility, using organic inputs formulated by us.We use different formulae and combinations depending on types of plants and plantations. We use standard and quality materials to maintain soil and plant quality. We provide a limited period after-care service to ensure proper development of the garden.